About Us

The Hudson Hospitality Group, created and owned by Mr. Louie Lanza is a holding company comprised of businesses Lanza is involved with in New York and Florida. It’s a 2nd generation family business geared to unique experiences in the hospitality sector. Mr. Lanza, a distinguished entrepreneur, accomplished chef, mentor and philanthropist has a legacy that spans overs 30 years of experience in design, concept, ownership and operations in the food service and hospitality business. Delivering an excellent product starts with superior ingredients and an engaging motivated staff, a concept that extends across all his businesses.


In his spare time, he is executive director of the Lanza Family Foundation and along with his brothers and nephews contribute to the local communities needs especially the youth as well as supporting local and national law enforcement foundations to help first responders and fallen heroes families!


Additionally he is chairman of the Hudson Valley Paramount Theatre which is a 501c3 organization that serves the region with touring acts of all genres and supports the local music and art creative community.


The Hot Rod Hotel satisfies his passion for collecting and driving cars and has been a multi decade hobby turned business and a favorite weekend activity in the Spring and Fall for himself and 3 sons.


Lastly his love of Nashville and all its offerings, he has been hosting a free music festival for the past 7 years! Calling it “Nashskill” which is co-sponsored by Jack Daniels and held on the mighty Hudson River banks at the Factoria in Peekskill. This festival attracts thousands of country music fans with its curated selection of local and Nashville based bands and creative “Nash cuisine” and spirits.