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Hudson Room is open in Peekskill, and it’s unlike anything that’s hit the city in recent memory.

If Birdsall House and Peekskill Brewery are the city’s forward-thinking, artisanal gastro snobs, then Hudson Room is the glitzy theatergoer nostalgic for Peekskill’s glory days. Fittingly located just steps away from the Paramount Theater, Hudson Room features a large stage at the rear of the restaurant (home to a flashy red piano), a charming sense of humor (there’s a cocktail called “I did it rye way” with rye, orange-maple-cayenne syrup, lemon juice, and hell fire bitters), and an eclectic palette.

Really eclectic, though. Like, pasta-and-sushi eclectic.

Case and point: The appetizer section of the menu is home to an eight-piece sashimi plate; a Louisiana crab, corn & black bean cake; nachos with, among other delicious accouterments, smoked pulled pork and goat cheese; and—and—Sriracha-seared gulf shrimp. The rest of the menu is similarly…varied, broken down by pastas, salads, and sushi rolls.

The Dirty Westchester with bourbon, Black Dirt Apple Jack Brandy, and Arizona honey.

From left: Mezze Rigatoni Josephina with roasted tomato-pesto sauce, ricotta, and Parmigiano Reggiano; Ultimate Nachos with smoked pulled pork, goat cheese, Asiago cheese, white beans, multigrain corn tortillas, and a chipotle-honey sour cream drizzle; Grilled Maple-Chipotle Barbeque Chicken Wings.

We’ll stop short of deciding whether this multi-cuisine approach “works” (although the combination of cuisine could bridge the gap between sushi lovers and dissenters), but we were happy with what we ordered. And even if you’re confused about what to order, you won’t care: The ceilings are tall and space is aplenty, décor is modern, and, of course, the stage gives you something to look at, or listen to—it’s home to frequent live performances, mostly on the weekends.

The Hudson Room
23 S Division St
(914) 788-3663


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